Mad Max‘s Hugh Keays-Byrne Becomes Toecutter Again for Drafthouse PSA


As you almost certainly know by now, the coolest thing about Mad Max: Fury Road is that it brings back Hugh Keays-Byrne from the original movie, this time as an all-new villain named Immortan Joe.

Obviously he couldn’t be the Toecutter again, since the Toecutter definitively died the first time around, and Mad Max, despite a disdain for conventional continuity, is not in the habit of resurrecting the dead. Drafthouse, however, is a company that does whatever the hell they want, and I’ll be damned – they got him to play the Toecutter again for one of their famous no-talking, anti-cell phone PSAs. Given the way Immortan Joe primarily growls from behind a mask, it’s good to see the expressive Shakespearean actor fully emote again.