This Fight Club Marla Singer Action Figure Will Meet You at a Very Strange Time in Your Life


It’s nice that some movie toy-lines don’t forget the female figures, am I right? Though this particular female somehow seems like one of the least-appropriate toys to be based on any movie. But if your Han Solo needs someone to have his abortion, or G.I. Joe’s Duke needs to meet a woman who hasn’t been fucked that hard since grade school, well, the ReAction Marla Singer figure is your li’l plastic lady. Plus any time you insert her into some scenario where she doesn’t belong, you can pretend that you’re Tim Burton.

Marla joins the Narrator and two different Tyler Durdens in the line – sorry, kids, no Meat Loaf with bitch-tits hugging action feature. You should collect them all, because buying tie-in merchandise in no way contradicts the entire theme of that movie you claim to love.