12-Inch Talking Big Lebowski Figure to Be Heinously Limited at Comic-Con


I’ve been re-watching The Big Lebowski lately, and just like everyone else, I can’t believe how much I dismissed it as a trifle and a minor entry in the Coen brothers pantheon when it came out. What could have been just a simple comedy about a stoned bowler goes to all kinds of creative places and Los Angeles in-jokes, and it feels like the sort of thing that gives up a little more on each viewing. It’s deceptively low-key and not as much of an attention-getter as something like Fargo, but its tale of a guy who just wants his rug back nails the comedy of everyday folks who feel that craziness is going on around them and everybody just needs to chill.

Which is why I’m shocked the deluxe figure above is going to be limited to only 486 pieces. It’ll sell out on preview night if there aren’t daily rations of it. Really tying your toy collection together, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski can abide in two different outfits, along witha replica rug, talking keychain, bowling ball, White Russian and more. Entertainment Earth has a preorder link for non-attendees, but there’s no way there’ll be any left over after the show.

But, like, that is just my opinion, man.