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Weekend Wrap Up: F Yeah Skylynx.



I’m back!

We’re negotiating LYT’s return to the country with the authorities, and we hit a little snag, so I’m going to be your guide through the nine circles of nerddom for one more day. Hope you survive the experience!

After the jump, we’ll have a brief roundup of a surprisingly busy weekend for nerd news, including a look at some of those new Transformers Hasbro announced at BotCon over the weekend.

-Marvel told the Daily News about their plans for Miles Morales post-Secret Wars: he’s the lead on a 616, adjectiveless Spider-Man title from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. This is great news – BMB can write Spidey for all time as far as I care, and Pichelli is a fantastic Spider-Man artist (she’s a fantastic everything artist, but she’s particularly good at the little things a Spidey artist needs like contortionism, body language and physical comedy). They’ve got a cover reveal at the link that shows Sam Wilson as Cap and has a Parker Industries billboard in the background, so I’m betting they go Batman Beyondish and have Peter raising a recently rediscovered May while coaching Miles through his spidering. [NY Daily News]

-Sony announced a 1TB PS4, so now I have even more reasons to constantly refresh Reddit’s PS4 deals page and chew through my cuticles trying not to buy one. When I made the switch to a 500GB hard drive for my 360, I figured I’d never be able to go through it. I deleted 4 games last week to make room for Thief. I think I’m a digital hoarder. [PlayStation Blog]

-The Beat has the most comprehensive Heroes Con coverage I’ve seen. They’ve got stuff about Kelly Sue DeConnick leaving Captain Marvel for the creator-owned treasure bath I’m sure she’s getting; Evan Dorkin doing a 12-page Peanuts story that reveals the elder gods-origins of Woodstock; and Jason Latour writing an issue of Southern Bastards (Milkfed panel coverage/Peanuts-Latour writeup)

-Finally, I almost threw together a list of the Transformers Announced At BotCon That I Won’t Be Able To Buy Because Then I Won’t Be Able To Move Through My Coffin-Sized NYC 1 Bedroom Apartment Because It Will Be Full Of Toys, but our SEO would be all fucking odd with that title. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, Hasbro announced a botload (HA!) of new figures for the rest of this year and the early part of next. Really, all we need is a Victorion combiner (which, come on, there’s no way that doesn’t happen by mid-summer next year) and I will start looking for a new living space just to fit all the toys I’m going to buy. PS: Victorion was announced over the weekend, a lady combiner debuting in the Combiner Hunters one-shot coming next month.

So we’ve got some pictures of the new bots. Wave 4 of 2015 includes Galvatronus, Rodimus, Ironhide, King Starscream (so good), Skywarp, Prowl, Mirage, Sunstreaker and Binary Armor Prime. Wave 1 in 2016 has Bruticus and whocareswhatelse hold it together Jim. Wave 1 in 2016 has Bruticus and his constituent Combaticons, Leader-class Skywarp, Buzzsaw, Pipes, Shockwave and Chopshop. Wave 2 in 2016 is the Skyreign wave – the combinder made from Skylynx, Wheeljack, Hound, Trailbreaker, and Smokescreen. And, as is appropriate, a Wreck Gar that is a Transformer non-sequitur. You can click all these pics for bigger versions. Check them out.

What do you think? And anybody know why all the big Combiners are posed so they’re calling me an asshole in sign language?









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