Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: But It’s a Dry Heat


Martha Boyd is not just Luke’s mother-in-law – she’s also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anything. And we mean anything. Comment below with questions, or email them to boydappraisal at yahoo dot com.

Gosh, it is getting hot out here in the desert. Yesterday we hit 113 and this morning at 5:30 am it was already 80. I was up at 5:30 cleaning the pool. Might as well – it was to hot to sleep even with the AC on. Might as well go splash in warm water. It was really windy so there is a nice layer of dead bugs and dust on the pool this morning.

This week was not all that exciting – did appraisals, volunteered and cleaned out more space in a shed we have on the property. Trying to get rid of 30+ yrs of junk in three big sheds we have on the property. The more space you have the more crap you keep because you may need it someday – what a laugh.

Thank you for all of the questions this week. Some are no longer posting on the site due to the FB thing, but are sending questions via email to LYT and he is passing them along. I am answering Gallen first, as he asked for this last week, but I did not have my pics ready.

Here we go…………..


Gallen Dugall:

Demand pics of your MLP purchases so I can live vicariously through you.

Yes, we did make LYT carry three bolts of material, craft supplies (kitty needlepoints) etc around a JoAnn’s store in Porter Ranch. He was such a good sport on this shopping trip
Please see attached photos of all of the material, as I promised from last week
Men seem to know that when they are in this situation the best bet is to just act like a shopping cart. We did take him to Toys R Us afterward for a treat.


Joel Purcel:

Of All the absolutely horribly things on this site, it is the sweet mother in law that brings us Larry the cable guy. Good show Mamasan, you have an evil streak.

Okay, thank you for the compliment. I think.

Zarco Rey:
The sausage pot pie “Child Hunger Ends Here”….maybe it should add “Because Child Obesity Starts Here”.

Quite true – this one was 450 cals.

Gallen Dugall:
QUESTION! The Great Egg Crisis is upon us, egg rationing is sweeping the country, prices for eggs and related food stuffs are rapidly inflating beyond the means of the common man… or not. Have you noticed any issues with eggs in your region? Is this all a plot to raise the price of eggs in lead of the introduction of the egg powered car?

We have plenty of eggs so far, but I have seen the prices going up. $2.99 for a dozen of medium eggs when last year they were about a dollar less. I don’t use all that many eggs so a dozen can last me months. Egg powered car – that would be pretty stinky, I bet, with all of that sulfur.

Gallen Dugall:
QUESTION! on the subject of prepackaged foods I almost always find that they make a good “base” to build a meal on but almost never have enough fruits or vegitables and tend to focus heavily on pasta. What’s your evaluation of such dinners?

Yes I do a lot of doctoring to anything prepackaged. Just bought a roasted chicken and pasta dinner. Mostly pasta, as you noted. So I added broccoli, carrot and some mushrooms. Turned out pretty good. With the biscuits/gravy ones I generally added an additional sausage or two. Even if I don’t add anything directly to the dish I agree there generally are not enough fruit/veg so I make a salad or fruit plate to go with the item.

Gallen Dugall:

Wait, I thought Larry The Cable Guy was just a character the guy did, isn’t the real guy from Minnesota or something?

Yes, Larry the Cable Guy is really Daniel Lawrence Whitney who is a stand-up comic and actor. He has worked with Jeff Foxworthy. Aside from the biscuits and gravy I have also tried his spicy chicken coating and his beer bread. Not bad.

John Hanna:
Just heard that Sir Christopher Lee has died. What were some of your favorite roles played by him?

He had such a great run as an actor. Some of the things I remember are The Face of Fu Manchu, several Draculas, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies and Star Wars movies.


Dear Martha,

First off, since I’m now asking these questions via email (FACEBOOK PTUI!)
I feel I can call you Martha – hope you don’t mind.

Very much appreciated your impression of the Banquet sausage gravy pie
this past week – I like ’em a lot, they scratch my B&G itch when I can’t
be bothered to make my own gravy.

On the subject of pot pies, I have been looking for years for vegetable
pot pies. I used to love ’em growing up because I always found the meat in
cheapie frozen pot pies to be dodgy, but these things just had the
carrots, peas, cubed potatoes, and gravy in them. Glorious. Do you recall
these, and if so, know where I could find some? The grocery stores here in
Phoenix only supply sadness in this quest.

I miss being able to chat with you guys! Keep up the great work!

Yes, please send questions via email if you don’t post to the site any more with the FB thing. LYT will get them to me. Feel free to call me Martha if you wish.

I remember veg pot pies. My gramma used to make them when we had lots of veg from the garden and no meat. They were yummy and you did not even miss the chicken. There is still a fozen veg pot pie available from Amys Kitchen – they make a vegan pot pie but it has tofu in place of the chicken; they also make a Broccoli Pot Pie (no tofu). The Broccoli has more of a cheese sauce then the gravy, but it is good. Walmart carries Amy’s in store. If your Walmart does not have it for some reason, you can get them by the case at Amazon.

Well, that is all for this week. Sure wish we could get some of the rain from the midwest and south portions of the country. We are so dry out here in California. Our water district is having to cut consumption by 28%. Most of us don’t even have grass in the community which is a big place where people can cut. I have 10 acres of dirt and maybe 20 trees and cacti. Have shut down several watering stations on the property and don’t have large animals anymore. The horses used to drink gallons. So hoping this all works out. We will see.

As always, be good to each other this next week. Only a couple more weeks until the Fourth of July parties. Be good and Huggs.

Keep your questions coming, be they foolish, philosophical or anything else! Any questions submitted in comments below or by email will be included in future columns.