EXCLUSIVE REVEAL: Oni Press’ Invader Zim #1 Newbury Comics Variant Cover

[Jim Dandeneau contributed to this post]

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The new Invader Zim comic from Jhonen Vasquez and Oni Press is coming on July 8th, and they’ve given TR an exclusive first look at the Newbury Comics variant cover to issue 1.

The comic picks up years after the end of the fan-favorite cartoon. Dib, the paranoid young conspiracy theorist who regularly stopped Zim’s plans to take over Earth for his native Irk Empire, has been preparing for Zim’s return since he disappeared. Written by Vasquez with art from Aaron Alexovich, the new series will have all the characters from the show back, especially GIR, Zim’s pet robot and probably the best character from that entire era of Nick cartoons.

This variant cover is exclusive to Newbury Comics, but anyone can get Invader Zim #1 in shops or on ComiXology on July 8th.