First Hasbro Comic-Con Exclusive: Dr. Strange Marvel Legends Set


You’d think they were promoting a movie or something.

Brother Voodoo, Magik, Hela and a Build-a-Figure-sized Dormammu accompany a translucent “astral” Dr. Strange and a wearable medallion, all in a giant replica Book of the Vishanti. The $99.99 retail price is actually downright reasonable when you consider that Dormammu would have to be more than a standard $20 figure if sold at retail.

Given how significant Hela is to Thor fans, I think it’ll be a shame if she’s not made available elsewhere in some other form. But in due time I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of Strange figures – they’re likely to Cumb in Batches, if you get my drift.

Now that Hasbro has announced their first exclusive, I look forward to the rest. Star Wars: The Force Awakens preview figure, ple-ple-please?