“Gambit Is Home!” Apes Director Will Get a Rise out of Channing Tatum Next


As misbegotten as the whole Wolverine origin movie was, it did contain several fun performances that I’m sorry to see completely retconned away. Ryan Reynolds still gets to be Deadpool, but I’m guessing Kevin Durand won’t be the Blob again, and the double whammy of John Carter/Battleship tanking AND a major star expressing interest in the role means Taylor Kitsch won’t be Gambit, which is a shame because even though I’ve come to like Channing Tatum, Kitsch was better casting.

At least he’s in good hands. Rupert Wyatt, a.k.a. the good Rupert and not the one who cheated with K-Stew, is now attached to direct, and if he can make us all care for the bond between James Franco and a digital ape, I suspect he can also make the love of Channing Tatum for his deck of cards palpable.

Which is good, because nobody wants this movie to be a Remy Zero.

[pause for laughs]Nothing?

Nah, you’re right. That doesn’t even earn a David Caruso.