He-Man and G.I. Joe Can Now Fight in a Licensed Console Game


This how Toy Story would be if it had been about my childhood room.

The trailer for Toy Soldiers: War Chest begins normally enough. It’s a war strategy game. Oh, but the twist is that it’s fought with toys, so military minis can battle generic Rainbow Brite types, or battle mechs, or fantasy knights…

And then…”By the power of Grayskull!”

I could nitpick that Masters of the Universe Classics are actually a lot bigger than the toys they’re fighting here, but why? Why would I spoil the moment? I’m not Orko here. Hasbro and Mattel working together seems like crazy talk…and yet here we are.

I’m guessing Star Wars will never be involved, but anything owned outright by those two companies? It could be glorious. Megatron vs. Barbie, anyone?

via Kotaku, which misspelled “Grayskull” in their tags.

h/t Sly Dante