James Cameron Endorses Terminator Genisys; Calls It a “Renaissance” and the True Third Film


Well, color me surprised by this one – maybe the movie really is gonna be good after all.

Evidently I like Terminator 3 better than James Cameron does – I think it captures the post 9-11 global fear zeitgeist in the same way part one did for the Cold War ’80s and part 2 for the post-Berlin Wall ’90s – but the fact that the creator of the Terminator (Harlan Ellison lawsuit notwithstanding) is willing to slam the last two films at the expense of this one says something. Especially since, with his multiple Avatar movies being at Fox, he has no particular loyalty to Paramount that would imply this was coerced.

I would be more suspicious if someone were to tell me that Terminator Genisys is about diving – on that topic, Cameron becomes such a fanboy geek that he cannot be trusted. Everything else, he’s pretty solid about.

Be warned that the video below contains some SPOILERS, including more of the Arnold vs. Arnold fight that would appear to kick off the movie’s main plot.

UPDATE: via Twitter, reader Sean C. Duregger points out that Cameron was initially just as high on T3.

via Scott Mendelson at Forbes.