Masters of the Universe as 3-3/4 Figures, by Super7, for Comic-Con


It’s the question ’80s kids always asked – what if He-Man were Star Wars scale? Would he fly an X-Wing? Duel with Darth Vader? Let Skeletor be Ewok food?

Super7, the toy company that originated Reaction figures before Funko took over, want to help your inner child find out, with these Comic-Con exclusive faux-prototypes that imagine what might have happened if Masters of the Universe had been in the 4″ scale originally. Some fans have been clamoring for this for years, but they’ll have to add their own paints for the full effect.

Han might shoot first, but He-Man’s sword will always deflect. The only question is whether or not the Power of Grayskull can fix a hyperdrive.