Slimed Peter Venkman Kicks Off Funko’s Comic-Con Exclusives


Come July, this caricatured Ghostbusters Bill Murray, with a face that makes you realize how perfect he actually was for the role of Garfield, will come, see, and kick your ass at San Diego Comic-Con. Part of Funko’s new Vinyl Idolz line, he resembles the real Bill Murray right down to the fact that he’s incapable of returning calls, and may or may not show up when you want him to, even if you do have the money to afford him. But once you get him, everything is better.

Venkman is but one of many from Funko this year, with other offerings including a Pop Vinyl Peter Capaldi Doctor in spacesuit, Inside Out‘s Sadness with special sparkle hair, and gold Bender from Futurama. And that’s only wave one of their announcements. With so many, you just might have to choose…or die (of sticker shock).