Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Action Figure Revealed


These First Order Stormtroopers will likely be available everywhere come September, but if you want to own one FIRST! in EXCLUSIVE! packaging, Comic-Con is where you can do that, presuming you’re up for braving crowds at the Hasbro booth. EW has the first look at the 6-inch Black Series figure, along with a buildable Lego version and a Hot Wheels car.

Much, I’m sure, to the delight of collectors who are still fuming about the Black Series Han in Carbonite and Salacious Crumb accessories only made available with prior special Comic-Con figures, this guy does not appear to come with anything crucial that won’t be in the mass market version – just a different box to say “Neener neener, I got mine before you!” You might say there has been an awakening – the dark side of collecting, and the light…both appeased.

Although it does say “part of a Comic-Con exclusive.” So maybe it comes with something else that hasn’t been seen yet? Dagnabbit….