That Time Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Immortan Joe Was Nearly Martian Manhunter


We have our own misgivings about what George Miller’s Justice League movie would have been like, but one of the biggest gambles that would have either been amazing or terrible was the casting of Hugh Keays-Byrne as J’onn J’onnz – even then, he was not exactly the picture of a heroic physique, though his voice would have been fine.

Thanks to a new proposed documentary about the making (and, presumably, unmaking) of Justice League: Mortal, we now have an idea at least of what his head would have looked like (full-size pic below)…

The same Twitter account also has a look at Aquaman, who would probably have pleased comics fans in his appearance somewhat more than Jason Momoa as Roman Reigns.

Looks aren’t everything – Heath Ledger’s Joker is a prime example. But are you sorry this version had to die? If anything, I’m bummed that we probably won’t see ANY version of J’onn any time soon. Even my now-teenage brother has wanted to see him in a movie from a very young age.

via EW