Black Widow, Hawkeye and Bruce Banner Age of Ultron 6″ Figures Are Finally Coming


In all seriousness, while part of the lack of Black Widow figures seems to be sexism, there has also been a lack of Hawkeye and Bruce Banner figures, not to mention a complete absence of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. So it’s not just an assumption about boys not buying girls’ figures that’s happening, but also an assumption that nobody beyond the “core four” characters sells – yes, pedants, I’m counting Hulk as a separate character from Banner. (And to buy goddamn movie Ultron, you have to buy six other figures and build him. Apparently they think villains don’t sell by themselves either.)

Exclusives are the answer, and Toyark is reporting that a four-pack featuring the above three much-demanded Marvel Legends characters (and Thor, because he’s your token main-eventer here) will shortly be available on Amazon. It’ll probably cost about as much as the Winter Soldier Black Widow is selling for on eBay all by herself now.

Plus now you can pose her and Bruce in every position you wish they’d had in the film.