Cobra and Assassin’s Creed Join Toy Soldiers: War Chest


Sorry, My Little Pony fans – “Equestria” wasn’t one of the final two armies revealed for the action-figure-inspired tower defense game.

Frankly, I think they cheated a bit – most of us assumed, probably, that “GI Joe” included Cobra, Dreadnoks and every other faction. But no: Cobra’s it’s own thing, which I suppose means that “Masters of the Universe” also doesn’t include Princess of Power or the Evil Horde, or even Skeletor. What is cool is that if you’re a good enough player, an animated Cobra Commander can finally win a battle.

And the other army is Assassin’s Creed. Is it NECA or McFarlane’s? I don’t know, and I suspect Ubisoft doesn’t care. Check out the trailer below.