SDCC 2015: Artists Announced for Dark Knight 3: The Master Race

DC Comics

DC Comics just announced the artists for the…probably…awaited? sequel to Dark Knight Strikes Again: Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. Let’s get this out of the way up front, shall we? This promo art looks fantastic.

Now, on to the :ahem: other stuff.

According to DC, Kubert and Janson are joining Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello for the final chapter of a 30 year old story that no one knew was a trilogy as recently as last year. I’m going to directly quote the release here, because this was the source of a bit of confusion (more on that in a second): “Within each 32 page periodical there will be a special 16 page “Dark Knight Universe” comic affixed in the center. Each “Dark Knight Universe” comic will feature a rotating cast of special guest artists and characters.” The first issue is scheduled for some time in late fall of this year.

I have questions.

1. Oof, that title. Anybody else excited about our site ranking on white power google going through the roof?

2. I have to assume that someone in the DC offices heard that Frank Miller wanted to make a comic called “The Master Race” and comically pratfalled as they sprinted to a phone to try and stop it, only to be told “fine, if YOU want to tell Frank Miller no, be my guest.”

3. I might be misreading it, and I’ll accept responsibility for that if I do, but it sounds like “Within each 32 page periodical there will be a special 16-page “Dark Knight Universe” comic affixed in the center,” means we’ll be getting a 16-page DK3 story and a 16 page backup.

4. “Affixed in the center” – does that mean it’s like, stapled in the middle? Is it detachable?

5. Presumably Kubert and Janson have been working on this for a little while prior to the announcement, but a mid-July announcement for a “late fall” comic isn’t super inspiring.

6. I desperately hope that someone writes a 16-page story on Dick Grayson’s severed head.