First Pics of Deadpool Movie Characters

Ed Skrein/Twitter

Ed Skrein and Gina Carano sent out the first pictures of their respective characters on the upcoming Deadpool movie yesterday. Above you’ve got a pic of Skrein as Ajax. Head below for a shot of Angel Dust and Weasel.

Cuddling with @nottjmiller on the set of #Deadpool #SDCC.

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Ajax (Skrein) is an enhanced mutant with superhuman speed, agility, strength and intuition with a grudge against Wade.

Angel Dust can increase her adrenaline and give herself superhuman strength. That’s a good code name! Power-appropriate.

Weasel has been in college for 9 years, majored in just about everything, and is crushing hard on Carla Gugi…what’s that? No that’s not from Son In Law, I pulled this info straight from the Marvel character wiki. YES IT IS.