SDCC 2015 Day 1 Link Roundup!


The first day of SDCC 2015 is over, and of course, it was packed with news, reveals and awesome pics. A reminder that if you want to see all our photos from the floor as they happen, check out TR on Twitter.

Also, in case you missed them, Luke grabbed a bunch of great interviews yesterday. He talked to the Hasbro folks about the new Marvel toys and why they put Captain America on the bike; with Final Girl director Tyler Shields about the new movie; with Jody Dankberg of Stern Pinball about their new machines; and with Trevor Roth, COO of Roddenberry Entertainment, about their high-end props and shooting a movie in 360 degrees (this is super cool you guys).

Head on past the jump for some more links’n’things.

Oni Press

-The gang over at The Mary Sue has details about a bunch of new Oni comics announced at yesterday. Included are Over the Surface by Natalie Nourigat, about a World War Oneish fighter pilot based loosely on “people like Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart;” The Mighty Zodiac from J. Torres and Corin Howell about animal samurai at war; and Another Castle from Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau, about a princess who stabs her way out of court intrigue.Head over to TMS for more. I can’t imagine any of the regular New Comic Book Day crew disliking any of these books.

-Speaking of Oni, check out this Ramona Flowers fig from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Twitter. This damn con is gonna cost me so much damn money. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

-As promised on Twitter yesterday, here’s that Street Fighter V Ken reveal. :deep breath: Ilikehowthey’retakinghimawayfromtheshotorootsandmakinghimanampedupDan-but-powerfulrushdownmaniac.Lookathowfastthedamnstepkickcomesout!Andtheultra! :exhales: That was hella nerdy, sorry guys.


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-Cameron Monaghan basically confirmed that he’s Gotham‘s Joker on Instagram yesterday. This is still not enough to get me to try the show.

Dark Horse Comics
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-Dark Horse art books are a touch pricey, but they’re always worth it, and yesterday they announced one based on one of the most visually interesting games I’ve ever played: Mirror’s Edge. Gameplay-wise, it was amazing, but the best part about it was how gorgeous and clean and shiny and still horrifying it was.

Titan Comics

-Speaking of video game comics, Titan revealed the cover to the first issue of their new Assassin’s Creed comic at their panel yesterday. The Kill Shakespeare team of Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery will be writing, while Neil Edwards (most recently of Doctor Who: The Four Doctors) is on art. No word yet on if the final issue of the series will come with the last four pages unstapled and only half scanned. I’m still mad about 3.