Long Weekend Open Thread, and Our Comic-Con Plans

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Due to the July 4th holiday falling on a Saturday, Voice Media recognizes tomorrow as the holiday, as do the feds. So there’ll be a couple of posts, but not a full day.

Next week, however, we’re shaking things up for San Diego Comic-Con. Year one at TR, I tried covering the Con for breaking news. Year 2, I went for longer-form features and interviews. This year: BOTH!

You may be thinking that’s too much for one man, and you’re right: Jim Dandeneau and I will be sharing editorial duties to get you the breaking headlines AND some more in-depth features. Wednesday will be light on posts until the evening, and after that the fun don’t stop until Sunday afternoon; most regular columns will be on hiatus during this time, but we’ll be posting far more often. Next Monday we’ll take a breather for a day.

In the meantime, this is your weekend open thread.