SDCC 2015: Links From The Last Day


The last day at Comic Con is usually a slow one, but with everything that happened this year, “slow” is a very relative term. So to help keep you up to date on all the latest haps, we’ve rounded up some of the big news here for your perusal.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here if you’re interested in winning a free copy of Sam Bosma’s Fantasy Sports. And we’ve uploaded all of our pictures from the weekend on our Facebook page, with galleries from DC Collectibles, Diamond Select, Hasbro, Hot Toys, Mattel, NECA, and a bunch from the floor and various parties. Is that an Earth-23 Superman from Mattel?

DC Comics
Manapul’s Variant Cover to Convergence #4

-DC announced two new Earth-1 graphic novels: a JMS Flash story that I won’t read, and an Aquaman book written and drawn by Francis Manapul, which I will buy six copies of to give to friends. CBR has more.


-Marvel announced a couple more post-Secret Wars books, including “only [Squirrel Girl’s] second #1 this year” and a new Blade book focusing on his daughter. Ryan North, Erica Henderson and editor Wil Moss talked to Comics Alliance, and they all speak exactly as you’d expect if you read the comic. The pic above isn’t from the new series, btw. It’s the cover to #4, one of my favorite covers ever.


-This is a couple of days old, but I missed it then and that’s what this stuff is for, right? Viz’s panel was full of a bunch of cool reveals, including Legend of Galactic Heroes novels, more full color Dragon Ball, and print copies and an anime for One-Punch Man.


Variety says that Peter Facinelli has signed on to play Maxwell Lord in the Supergirl tv show. I thought Lord was supposed to have charisma?

-Finally, not Comic Con and not happy news. Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, passed away on Sunday at the terribly young age of 55. I’m going to mournfully play my way through the rest of Skyward Sword this week to remember him.