SDCC 2015: Neal McDonough Joining Arrow


Neal McDonough, who’s been in so many nerd TV shows and movies that they’re going to have to start giving him his own wing at these cons, is joining the cast of Arrow for season 4. He’s slated to play Damien Dahrk. More on him and spoilers for the end of Arrow S3 after the jump.

DC Entertainment

Dahrk, you’ll remember, was the enemy of the League of Assassins, who had stolen Lazarus Pit water and a chunk of League members on his way out the door, causing Ra’s to target him and his operation.

Dahrk is ALSO the head of H.I.V.E., the group who hired Deadshot to grease Dig’s brother, and the main villain of season 3 of the awesome Teen Titans cartoon. So we’ve had Brother Blood, Deathstroke, and now a full-on H.I.V.E. invasion in Arrow. The only villain left for season 5 would OBVIOUSLY be Trigon.