SDCC 2015: Day 2 Links & Miscellanea

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Gentle Giant 2 in. figs

Day 2 is in the bag, and with it a cascade of news, pics and interviews. As always, if you want the best pictures as we get them, you should be following Topless Robot on Twitter, and for a centralized place to see all our pics from the floor, check out our Facebook. Now, on to the links.

-There’s a new red band trailer for Sinister 2. It’s red because of the copious boobs and sex haha just kidding it’s slathered with gore. The movie is out August 21st.

DC Entertainment

-At DC’s One-on-One panel, Geoff Johns announced a set of one-shots titled Justice League: Gods and Men, focusing on characters in the Darkseid War and their roles in the conflict, and…what the shit? Batman is Metron, Superman is Kalibak, Hal is trying to save John Stewart from Oa which is now a parademon factory, Flash is the Black Racer and Shazam now calls on the New Gods for his powers. So I guess the power of Stompa, the wisdom of Highfather, the compassion of Avia, the skill of ArtemiZ, a fatherbox from Aurakles, and the intellect of Metron?

Chris Ryall/Tumblr

-IDW closed their panel yesterday with a teaser image promising new ROM: Spaceknight and Micronauts comics in 2016. They’re TOTALLY gonna be in the Transformers comics.

Archie Comics

Riverdale, the 1 hour show based on the Archie Comics characters, moved to the CW from Fox. It’s still under development, but they pretty much have send Thea over here for a crossover, don’t they? Deadline has more.

DC Entertainment

-I guess we’re back doing inter-company crossovers again? Not that I’m going to complain about a Batman/TMNT crossover, announced yesterday by DC, written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Freddy Williams. I love Williams’ art, especially the colored pencil/watercolor thing he does. Now if we could only get an X-Men/TMNT book where Gambit and Leatherhead have a cajun pidgin-off…someday.


-Tons of interesting teases for new series at the Marvel panel yesterday. The Beat has more, but it looks like Devil Dinosaur is going back to high school. Good luck using a protractor, dude.