SDCC 2015: Legendary Pictures/Warcraft Panel Report

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Hot on the heels of LYT’s interview with Duncan Jones about the Warcraft movie, Bryce Abood, our Hall H Correspondent, calls in with this report about the Legendary Pictures panel: “Crimson Peak looked good and all, but whatever, that Warcraft trailer looked incredible.” Full description after the fold.

There is no doubt that this movie is going to be high fantasy. Jones isn’t even trying to ground it in the real world, according to Bryce. The trailer focuses on Durotan, the leader of the orcs, and his pregnant wife, and talks about their fight to find resources to replenish their depleted world. The film is going to be HEAVILY cg, and it looks like it’s going to be insanely nuanced for a movie based on a grindy MMO OH I just got the “finding resources” thing. That’s going to be like the first person view in Doom, only it sounds like this won’t be stupid.

We will have the footage from the Warcraft movie shown at SDCC as soon as it’s (legally, not buttcam instagrams) available.