Why Hunt Rare Lions, When You Can Hang Battle Cat’s Head on Your Trophy Wall?


My social media feeds today are awash in mentions of some douchebag dentist from Minnesota who illegally hunted and killed a rare lion, then posted photos of himself with the corpse. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into, Super7 have presented an alternative solution here that’s both nerdier and animal safe – though you may want to hide it from any cartoon princes with magic swords who may be in the area.

As seen at Super7’s pop-up Comic-Con “Skeletor’s Lair” store, this Battle Cat trophy head is 31 inches tall by 22 wide, and the mask is fully removable if you’d rather look like the guy who murdered Cringer instead. Only ten are made, and they run $8500, but compared to paying for a safari and probably facing a huge fine afterwards, that’s a bargain. I’ve seen one of these in person and it is most impressive.