Will You Pay $75 for a Cardboard Playset for 3-3/4 Inch Figures?


This throwback playset designed for the retro Kenner-style Reaction figures is cool and all, but $75? Eh, forget it, Luke, it’s Comic-Con town.

Our biggest playset to date, the Haunted House is designed to fit any and all 3 3/4 ReAction figures new or old. Measuring in at a whopping 25″ wide and 20″ tall, this three storied macabre mansion is packed with sinister secrets at every turn. From trap doors, concealed entrances, hidden rooms and secret passages, this playset packs a punch in every room. The Haunted House is three stories of fun and terror for your entire collection! Super7 spent almost an entire year developing this playset just like the vintage playsets of the 1970’s. Packed with over 60 individually painted panels and countless custom double-pass die-cuts on both sides of every board, the Haunted House may look simple, but this was the most complex toy Super7 has ever produced.

It’s also CARDBOARD! You didn’t have to make any molds or nuthin’. I presume the price is to buy extra carbon credits or some such.