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Burger King Is Pitching McDonald’s a “McWhopper”



Given that Burger King is pretty consistently one of the most disappointing, bland and uninventive of the major fast food chains, I’m not hugely surprised they’re the ones making the pitch to the larger competitor – which is equally uninventive and bland in many respects, but has better name recognition. The idea is that for “Peace Day” (9-21), the two companies make a pop-up store halfway between their corporate headquarters, and serve this monstrous mash-up burger free to people who use a particular hashtag. I’m not sure why Yum Brands don’t already do something like this – who wouldn’t go for a Long John Silver’s/Taco Bell fish Quesarito, or Kentucky Fried Pizza? Not this guy!

I don’t see Mickey D’s going for it, but if they do, I want the burgers to be served by a terrifying hybrid of Ronald McDonald and the masked King – sort of a “Composite Superman” of cellulite. Even if the burger doesn’t work, the horror movie rights will sell swiftly.

h/t Sly Dante

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