Fear the Walking Dead Recap and SPOILER Thread – 5 on the Vomit-Meter


L.A.’s getting deader in the second episode. Some of my thoughts follow, and then I want to hear yours…

-My two-screen experience is typing out random junk like this. Can’t imagine why anyone would choose the distraction if they aren’t writing a recap.

-Isn’t it ironic that open doors in horror shows are usually not the welcoming gesture a phrase like “open-door policy” might imply?

-His name’s Matt, and he’s on the floor. I shall call him “Floor Matt.”

-Nice jab at our lack of perspective on those radio shows.

-“We’re ten minutes away” – spoken like somebody who has NO IDEA what traffic variables LA will throw at you whenever it feels like it.

-So the zombie virus goes slower in live people than dead ones. It was like insta-zombie for Calvin last week. Floor Matt has had it a day now and he’s still alive.

-“COPS SHOT SOME HOMELESS DUDE!” Okay, that joke almost makes it worth going through the rest of the “Oh my gosh, it’s transmitted by bites? And you shoot them in the head?” motions.

-I hope zombies start biting that bouncy house.

-It’s really not too surprising that nobody is taking their calls. Nobody takes my calls either, most of the time. Always voicemail.

-Honk that horn! It always works to make traffic better.

-13! Are we to surmise this water-hoarding cop will be…unlucky?

-So the principal just has a bunch of drugs locked up in his office? I’m guessing this is set before we started getting medical marijuana dispensaries on every other block. A world without either legal weed or zombie fiction is not one in which I’d want to live, for sure.

-And suddenly this became Straight Outta Compton for a moment

-I’m not sure how much I want to put up with a constantly vomiting main character. I hope he kicks it quick.

-Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the first time ever that somebody has been excited about school food.

-This fat kid has been listening to Alex Jones, I think. And it has served him well.

-The zombie voice on the speaker is still better than 99% of Los Angeles radio programming

-Principal Obama: all change, no hope.

-Hot Topic Zombie!

-Local neighborhood watch programs! Those will be effective!

-Oh no! Not a slo-mo shot of people with weird masks driving by, cribbed directly from The Purge! (Any chance you could crib Frank Grillo too?)

-Your sister cleaned up your vomit and you ratted her out? Jerkass.

-Police shoot homeless people all the time in LA without riots like this happening.

-Dammit, the zombies bit the bouncy house and we didn’t see it.

-And we end with a scene that’s all about how prayers never work.

Okay, so it seems like we’ve gotten all our core cast together now, with Ruben Blades as the barber making his first appearance. There was a bit too much “Shouting on cell phone while driving” stuff, but I trust we’re done with that now.

If the show becomes “escape from downtown LA with zombies all around,” I’m into that. Mostly I just want more zombies. And then they need to fight street gangs. The zombies, I mean.

Are you watching? Are you sticking with it? Why or why not?