Masters of the Universe Movie Gets Yet Another Writer, Who Probably Shouldn’t Get Used to the Gig

Real T Dragon

Someday I will do a Daily List of nerd movies we keep hearing about that will never actually be made. On it will be Beetlejuice 2, any Stephen King adaptation that requires a commitment of more than one movie upfront, and the Masters of the Universe live-action reboot.

But still they try. The latest writer to be announced is Christopher Yost, veteran of several superhero cartoon shows, and also the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Max Steel, which is to say he has experience working with both Mattel and blonde mystical musclemen with magic weapons.

He seems to have everything going for him, and meanwhile, in the toy world, Mattel is finally licensing out the brand to third-parties like Mondo and Super7 with a vengeance. So maybe this is the perfect moment for it to happen. But this very website, under previous management and my own, has thought that one too many times before.