Move the $%@# Over, “Pumpkin Spice”: PECAN PIE M&Ms Are Here


While I like pumpkin pies as much as the next red-blooded, fatty veined American, there has been a gross imbalance when it comes to fall seasonal “things that smell and/or taste like pie but are not” items.

So it’s time at last for pecan pie to rise, and it looks like M&Ms are going to lead the way. If you’ve ever had a chocolate chip pecan pie, you know why this rules. And when somebody inevitably makes a pecan pie with pecan pie M&Ms baked into it, there might be an implosion of reality. Or my teeth, whichever comes first.

Next up, I demand pecan pie flavored whiskey, pecan pie yogurt, pecan pie scented aftershave and pecan pie laced with California-legal “medication.” Get on that, somebody who’s not me.