New Doctor Who Trailer Literally Promises “Same Old, Same Old”


Prince Vultan? Is that you?

At any rate, “same old, same old” in this case is a good thing – it’s indicating a back-to-basics approach of Doctor plus companion saving the universe, and presumably less of the soap-opera-on-Earth elements. Speaking as a classic Who fan, I always found the new show’s development that he can just show up on Earth in the present whenever he wants a bit weird – part of the companions’ dilemma always used to be that they never had any idea when they could get back home even if they wanted to.

It’s too bad the CGI looks “back to basics” as well, but it’s not like anyone ever watched Doctor Who for the good special effects.

Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer #2

"He hasn't got a plan yet, but he will and it'll be spectacular". Watch the new trailer for series 9!

Posted by Doctor Who on Wednesday, August 12, 2015