New Star Wars Villain General Hux Fully Revealed, Plus More Details


Sardo Numspa and Wade Barrett wish to welcome Domhnall Gleeson to the “Villain who doesn’t put his arms through his sleeves” club.

Entertainment Weekly just got a bunch of new images and some new plot information, so minor SPOILERS below (though nothing JJ Abrams doesn’t think you should already know, so there’s that).


Here we see yet another toy in the making, with Jakku’s scavenger-planet nature coming to the fore again as a beast wears modified AT-RT parts.

It is also confirmed that “Kylo Ren” is not a real name, but a new title attained by joining the Knights of Ren, which I presume is the new name for Sith like the First Order is for the Empire. His real name, it is suggested, might be a spoiler. With Daisy Ridley having already been referred to in official materials as both Kira and Rey, it seems like they may be overdoing the “surprise duality” thing that was so stupid in The Phantom Menace (Holy cow! I do not recognize Natalie Portman out of whiteface and Ian McDiarmid without a hood AT ALL!!!)

And in an ultimate bit of clickbait trolling, they end the article by saying to come back throughout the day for more. Since I’m clickbait trolling on the back of their clickbait troling, I have no choice but to obey.

Also, Threepio now has a red arm for some reason. This was shown on leaked metrchandise items, but is was never clear until now if it was a color-correction error.