That Sci-Fi Porn We Visited the Set of Two Years Ago Has a Trailer, and It’s NUTS


For reasons that are possibly quite obvious, one of the most popular stories I’ve ever written was 2013’s “On the Set of a Sci-Fi Porno.” The movie in question, Saving Humanity, was already setting itself up to be more ambitious than most of its kind, with a script long enough that it could tell a story even with the hardcore sex bits trimmed, and a ton of digital effects planned.

It took a lot longer to finish that footage than I imagined, but it certainly is wild even aside from all the blurred nudity. CG sabretooth cats, sci-fi laser battles, martial-arts fights and a green-screen musical number are involved somehow, along with a glowing space pyramid that the characters all refer to as a “monolith” (which by definition would have to be considerably bigger).

It’s probably not interesting to anybody else, but I do find it notable that producer Kim Nielsen is now listed as director, when Harry Sparks was the one with that role on-set. Intrigue! Maybe that’s why it’s as crazy-looking as it is.