The Mad Max Video Game: New Stronghold Trailer Expands Fury Road-verse


UPDATE: Turns out the trailer is called “Stronghold,” not the game as previously stated. Oops.

There’s about as much talking in this trailer as there is in the entirety of Fury Road. It may seem like over-explanation, but I have a feeling this game may offer more of what I want to see – the details and places of the larger world. Like, we’ll actually get to see Gastown, learn more about Max’s (presumably retconned) past, and head for a showdown with…Scrotus. Huh huh huh.

Hey, if the heroes of the movie can be called Vuvalini, only makes sense the patriarchy would be blatant too. And “Senhor Testiculo” was already taken. (Actually, the email accompanying a link to the new trailer specifies that new characters in the game include Jeet, Gutgash, Pink Eye and Deep Friah.)

If you get a movie sequel, it won’t be for a while. Enjoy this trailer now.