Wait…The Jem Movie’s Not Done Shooting? And They’re Fan-Casting AGAIN?


According to the official Jem Facebook page, there is still time to be in Jem, if you submit a video by August 10th. Jem is a movie that is coming out in October.

But wait, you ask: didn’t they try this before, saying they were going to cast unknowns? Ummm…yeahhhh…sure…that’s the ticket.

Based on the qualifications for video submission – “Before you record your video, make sure you are not wearing any brand logos and make sure you do not have any materials around you with identifiable brand logos” – it sounds like “being in” the movie simply means that your YouTube video will appear somewhere, possibly over the end credits or in a montage of fans. Because it doesn’t matter if logos appear in audition videos – but it does if they appear in the movie itself.

Look, I know the film probably would not even have been made if the budget were big, but giving it to Blumhouse and having them cut corners on so many aspects just really, really seems like the wrong move in hindsight. Sort of like letting Roger Corman make a Fantastic Four movie – though I’d somehow be less surprised if this all turned out to be one big scam to sell the rights off.

thanks to Julia for the tip