First-Ever Galaxy Quest Figure, Bender, Voltron Highlight Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis Series 2



Now that’s a figure line-up. Iron Giant, Leeloo, Dr. freakin’ Lazarus, Locutus, Captain Kirk, Doc Brown…many never made in satisfactory figure form, while others were done many times but never like this.

The funniest thing, though, is that while the stylized mini format is pretty obviously designed to circumvent actor likeness rights, Kane from Alien STILL comes with his face completely covered. John Hurt has never been willing to have his likeness used for Alien merchandise (or any other merchandise, as far as I can recall), so that has traditionally been the dodge toy companies use – but they’re being extra-careful here.

You can preorder random four-packs at Entertainment Earth.

via Toyark