Cryptozoic to Debut 7-Inch DC Bombshells at NYCC


I love the retro-WWII style of the DC Bombshells, as, I think, do most people. But I don’t necessarily love the $100+ price tag.

Which is why I have hopes for Cryptozoic’s licensed 7-inch vinyl figures, appearing first at New York Comic Con. They haven’t announced a price, but if it’s more than the originals go for, the company is being foolish, And they generally are not.

I’m still holding out hope DC Collectibles will turn these into an action figure line, but doing so would risk the wrath of some angry statue collectors who care dearly about the masturbation potential value of their originals. In the meantime, those of you with more of a cartoon fetish may thank your stars that DC cares about y’all.