Sigh…Sharknado‘s Getting a Mockumentary Prequel Called Heart of Sharkness


One of the reasons the Sharknado movies work (for me) is that they never get too meta – Anthony Ferrante knows he’s making action-comedies on a fraction of the budget he needs to make them look great, and while there is intentional humor, the absurd premise is always taken seriously and the actors play it as poker-faced as they’re capable of.

Nothing about Heart of Sharkness, a fake documentary about an early Sharknado movie that went bad when the director opted to use real sharks, looks encouraging. Aside from the title, nothing in the trailer even brings a smile to my face. The usual metaphor for overplaying a gimmick doesn’t quite work here, since jumping and sharks have been inherent from day one – so let’s say the mockbuster folks at the Asylum have finally busted their mockery. That works, sorta – right?