So This Wasn’t a Joke? Apple Really Is Charging $99 for a Smart PENCIL?


On Louis CK’s first comedy album, which featured a lot of jokes about him being poor, he imagined what he’d do if he suddenly came into a lot of money, including legally changing his name to Cunty McShitballs and then donating so much to charity that the news media would have to say it aloud. Another of his notions was to open up the self-described worst store in the world, that would only sell pencils and charge a million dollars for each one.

Okay, we’re not quite at that level, but Apple just introduced the Apple Pencil. For real. So that you can draw on an iPad. The sort of clever technology Nintendo handheld devices figured out a while back. I thought people were kidding me about this until Gallen Dugall sent me an actual link.

It’s reminiscent of how the space race handled drawing devices: the U.S. invested time and money into a pen that could write upside down and in zero gravity, while the Soviets just used pencils. So I suppose this new invention is arguably the fruit of our Cold War victory. U.S.A.!

Also, this…