Taco Bell May Want Me Dead, Is Testing a Taco With a Taco Shell Made of Fried Chicken

imgur via reddit

Taco shells made of breaded fried chicken. They’re also calling it the Naked Crispy Chicken Taco, not because it is in any way unadorned, but presumably because it’s just kind of an America Fuck Yeah sort of name. Like “Topless Robot.”

Southern cooks, Mexican street vendors and the gross snack stands at county fairs are all going, “How come we never thought of that?”

I guess they thought stuffing it with nacho cheese and bacon would be overkill. But that has to be the next step, right?

McDonald’s may have won the fast food news cycle yesterday with its announcement of all-day breakfast starting Oct. 6th (and I say screw that noise, because I want them to announce the rest of the menu becoming available in the morning). But unless they introduce the deep-fried Big Mac in a few hours, this day belongs to the Bell. And possibly the Grim Reaper, who is somewhere tenting his fingers Monty Burns-style and crowing “Ehhhhhxcellent.”