Biz Markie Wants You to Win a Box of Marshmallow-Only Lucky Charms. For Real


While candy retailer IT’SUGAR has done bootleg marshmallow-only cereal boxes, there hasn’t been an official Lucky Charms version until now…and only TEN are being made!

That’s just mean. But to sweeten the blow, General Mills has hired Biz Markie to sing really badly about the whole thing.

Quoth GM, “We wanted to tap into where that love is and it’s across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lucky Charms is one of the most Instagrammed cereals and these platforms are the right place to ignite and connect to the passion we hear about,” says Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager, Lucky Charms.”

That seems hip to the kids…so you chose Biz Markie to appeal to them?

If you’re going retro, why not House of Pain, who at least sound vaguely leprechaun like? “I came to chow down, I came to chow down, so dig in the bowl and EAT AROUND…the cereal bits.”


via Foodbeast