Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Terrifying, Faceless, Wife-Shaped Pillow You Can Dress Up

I don’t know where to begin with the horror that is the “Japanese Cotton Wife.”

I’ll only say that it seems the only people who would want to dress her up are the same ones who ultimately want her undressed.

Available in two sizes, the manufacturers have worked particularly hard on perfecting the lady’s nude bodysuit, saying they’ve done an excellent job of making it look like it contains human muscle and subcutaneous fat.

The editor in me wants to critique the dangling modifier in that sentence. The editor in me is insisting upon it , because if any other prat of me is allowed to react, I fear my sanity may not survive the night.

Here goes: “The doll is available in two sizes, and the manufacturers OH DEAR SWEET JEEBUS THERE’S A VIDEO…

via RocketNews24