Hot Toys Teases Their Next Marty McFly Figure, From Back to the Future Part II


They’ve already made and revealed a regular Marty, who includes a fully removable outfit, skateboard, backpack and scene-specific accessories like a “Save the Clock Tower!” flier. But today, as Marty is scheduled to make his arrival here in our present/his future, we get a first-look at the sequel figure, with self-lacing shoes, neon cap and hoverboard.

I long one day for a George McFly figure with kung fu kick action, but it will never, ever happen – I reckon Hot Toys would make a variant Eric Stoltz Marty head before they’d deal with Crispin Glover.

I’m not even kidding. You wait and see. Meanwhile, if they want this figure to be truly accurate to the original moviegoing experience, they should send you only half of his accessories, with a note in the bottom of the box saying the rest are coming in six months.