Mark Strong Action-Comedy The Brothers Grimsby Has the Non-Star Wars Teaser Trailer of the Year


This one really snuck up on me – I’ve never heard of it before today, and now I want to see it immediately.

Most action-comedy trailers are extremely obvious: some campy voice-over that could almost be Trey Parker goes, “He is the world’s most dangerous killer…but he’s about to discover…that his greatest challenge ever…IS BEING A DAD!” This one actually kicks some serious ass in a first-person-shooter perspective sequence, letting you know its action will be the real deal – before delivering a thoroughly incongruous punchline.

It’s from Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier, who is not always known for his humor. But as you’ll see, I think he found the right guys.

via The Guardian (God, but I love when the highbrow paper my UK family reads picks up nerd news.)