This month in game trailers: ’90s comic books, more Westerns, and surreal puzzles! Yay!


Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Jim be damned, when Joe Madureira says that he’s starting a Kickstarter campaign to finally bring back Battle Chasers via a full JRPG game (and a comic book, of course), damn straight I’m throwing my money at him. Hell, I’ve waited over fifteen years for this. And the game does indeed look like its worth it so far, although I would have gladly given it a thumbs up just as long as it included even a hint of a playable Calibretto.

Danganronpa 3

No, I don’t care that this trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, or even any real details beyond “Danganronpa 3 officially announced.” Hearing just even a snippet of that theme is enough to get me more than pumped for a new game. And now it’s apparently coming to the PS4, so the rest of you have even less of an excuse to ignore this series now! Yay!

Dead Star

A ten-versus-ten top-down arcade shooter? Armature, between this and the upcoming ReCore, you are starting to build some serious credibility in my eyes..

The Witness

So after six-plus years in the making, Johnathan Blow’s next game, The Witness, finally has a release date of January 26. And with that new date comes a trailer showing off more of the game…and I still have no idea what the game is actually about. But in an exploration-based adventure game like this, that might work in its favor…


And if the wait for The Witness wasn’t enough, Ni-Oh has been in the works for over eleven years, finally due to come out sometime next year with the help of Team Ninja. And all I have to say about this is that this is a prominent action game based on an unfinished Akira Kurosawa script, so Team Ninja, DO. NOT. SCREW THIS UP.

Land’s End

From the creators of Monument Valley, one of my picks for the absolute best games of last year, comes their new game Land’s End, which appears to be an amazing, surrealistic, breathtaking adventure…that will only be available on Samsung Gear VR, thus ensuring that I will probably never get to play it for the longest while. Damn.

Lost in Harmony

So what we have here is a new game from the creator of Valiant Hearts, which is already a factor working in its favor (and also explains why the gameplay resembles VH’s driving segments). And it’s apparently described as a “narrative musical game” with a focus on story without any words, which is interesting enough of a factor to also work in its favor. And Wyclef Jean is composing music for it, which…well, I’m kind of indifferent to that, but good for him!


So I won’t lie, hearing now that Noct is going to be a survival horror game with a multiplayer focus kind of worries me. I mean, games like Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 have kind of proved that having multiple players in this genre doesn’t work as well as one might think. Still, the whole game looks unique enough that I’m definitely willing to still give it a shot, plus hey, music by Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails! Man, this month has been good towards indie game music…

Ace Attorney 6

So the next Ace Attorney game is apparently leaving the country for favor of a more “feudal” setting, presumably just to see how the North American version tries get out of this one with their “Los Angeles” setting. I do admit that I’m not a big fan of whenever the series leans towards the more “mystical” aspects, but I’m still excited for this one indeed.


Well, this year’s htoL#NiQ may have initially soured me on the idea of a Vita game where you have to help a little girl evade constant horror, but damned if Yomawari doesn’t show signs of being able to win me back. At the very least, the graphics look fantastic, but I said that about htoL#NiQ as well in the beginning as well…

12 is Better Than 6

Well, we’ve already seen “Spaghetti Western bullet hell” in the reviews, so why not follow it up with “Spaghetti Western Hotline Miami on paper?” Word has it the demo suggests the difficulty is quite high, but the game’s concept and visual style are quite impressive, so here’s hoping the devs can get any kinks ironed out and eventually succeed with their Kickstarter campaign.

Pixel Noir

Honestly, I have nothing more to say here than “isometric film noir JRPG where your character might be insane? Where do I sign?” Well, that and “Here’s the game’s Kickstarter page where you can sign up as well.”


Ah, Pavilion. I still have no idea how the heck you end up making a fourth-person video game, but your promise of a gorgeous, surreal puzzler has me lured in, you magnificent bastards.

First Wonder

Okay, this obviously isn’t a trailer, but consider this a special little treat for the end, a s Rogue Rocket games actually invited me along with other members of the gaming press to check out a “virtual press tour” of their upcoming game First Wonder via Twitch! You can see the recording up there and hear the folks behind it answer some of my questions and reply to a few comments (with me going by “SlyDante” as usual), so check it out! Also see about chipping in toward their Kickstarter campaign, where they actually quoted my preview of the game from our PAX list last month! So yeah, please help get this game funded so that my endorsement doesn’t look foolish!


And thus we reach the end of another edition of Robotic Gaming Monthly! Feel free to leave any comments offering suggestions, questions, additional discussions on what we talked about, or messages about how much we suck, and remember, if you’re going travel to a spooky location to celebrate your friend’s death, at least make it a haunted amusement park. The odds are better that it’ll just be a Scooby-Doo villain there. So see you next time, and thanks for dropping by!
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