Seeing Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reunite for a 5-Min. Toyota Commercial Is Depressing


I mean, it’s great to see that two of our favorite actors are still around and having some fun, and particularly that Fox continues to prevail with good humor against his physical afflictions. Nonetheless, after watching this Toyota ad starring a dorky-on-camera, real-life scientist explaining hydrogen to them, I feel like Ralphie at Christmas decoding his Little Orphan Annie message just to hear he should drink Ovaltine. These two actors were comedy geniuses in their prime, and this is the best script we could give them on their most famous film’s anniversary day?

This is why it’s good that some franchises just conclude. Because if we are going to feel compelled to watch a needless sequel – and let’s face it, we ARE – five minutes and free sounds better to me than two hours and twenty wasted bucks.