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Caffeinated Peanut Butter Now Exists, because Pot Brownies Needed an Arch-Enemy



It’s a similar principle to marijuana edibles – eat it, and you absorb the drug more gradually. If you like the taste of coffee, this is of course pointless, but if you don’t, and would rather make sammiches or cookies or (best of all) Thai curries to kick your ass awake, well, here you go. STEEM caffeinated PB. So the next time you see a sleepy looking dude in a top hat and brass goggles, you can say, “Do you like STEEM, punk?”

Just don’t put any on your genitals to get the dog to lick you. Seriously. I’m pretty sure that’s what this means:

DO NOT GIVE TO ANIMALS. EVER. Fun fact: a lot of domestic animals, like dogs and cats and birds, cannot digest caffeine properly and it can lead to SERIOUS health issues. We know that your dog loves peanut butter and we know you think it’d be hilarious to get him all jacked up and crazy, BUT DON’T. SERIOUSLY. IT WOULD NOT BE HILARIOUS.

It also has electrolytes, like Brawndo. So don’t feed it to plants instead of water either.

via Mashable