Tonight, Batman Dines in Hell!


He’s a little less blatantly homerotic than the movie version of Leonidas and his troops, but finally a toy company has fused two of Frank Miller’s manliest obsessions into one mash-up figure. I picture Zack Snyder just staring at this Play Arts Kai toy and masturbating immediately plotting a way to fit it into a movie.


Heavy armor that shows an overwhelming presence in battle, along with battle scars and damage that draws the viewer in to evoke the intensity of battle. Each piece of equipment expands upon the regal imagery and foreboding visage. A brawny physique and dark color brings together the iconic characteristics of a Spartan warrior and BATMAN, in a finish reminiscent of a fine sculpture that captivates the viewer.

I would honestly much rather see Joker Xerxes. Hope they make him.