Holiday Guest Editor Time WOOOO!

Hope you survive the experience!Our benevolent-ish dictator LYT has been called away on urgent business (he’s been abducted by aliens and they’re forcing him to teach them the true meaning of Thanksgiving), so he left me with the keys to the site for the rest of the week. So keep it at TRV for special* Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Save Our Sinking Shopping Malls Sunday, as well as regular posting days today and on Don’t Talk To Anyone At The Bar That You Went To High School With Wednesday. As the regular comic reviewer, I’ve got a couple of special posts ready for you, as well as our regular fun.

*Just our regular fun. We’ll have a post or two on the holidays, but I’ll be too busy carving my wife’s family’s turkey into written Klingon curses to post too much on Thursday, and I might go try and tailgate at a store on Friday, because we all know the only thing that could make Black Friday riots better is alcohol.