Thanksgiving Choose Your Own Adventure

via Floodllama (Flickr)

via Floodllama (Flickr)

Happy turkey day, everyone! For Thanksgiving, I’ve got a choose your own adventure for you.

You can either watch this video of a dog with human arms eating turkey:

Or you can read this story over at First We Feast about the pilgrims’ greatest…turkey baster.

Twenty-one years after the pilgrims arrived to Plymouth, a man named Thomas Granger was found guilty of having sex with a handful of animals, most notably, a turkey. According to the Plymouth Colony Archives, Granger’s misconducts sentenced him to be executed by hanging until he was dead.

Your call! And now, what with me and the NFL being “on break,” I’m going back to what we should all be doing this Thanksgiving: trying to see which Rammstein album syncs best with “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Don’t forget to check back tomorrow at around noon to find out who won those sweet-ass Telltale games!

[edit]Spoilers, it’s Reise Reise.